Hi everyone, it is that time of the year again! I’ve added a few new locations to my list. Please take a look and let me know what location you choose.

* Note * some of the locations we don’t use on weekends because they get really busy. Others work best only at sunset. You will find this information in the description, once you pick your favorite location, please check to see if it will work with the day you have scheduled.

Some of these locations work really good in the morning. If you have an infant and/or toddlers, or if the family wakes up early, that may work best for you. Usually we meet between 7:30 and 8am depending on the location.


We do have some neighborhoods parks and trails that make a great background for photos. The most fall colors we can get in San Diego you can find at San Clemente Canyon. San Clemente Canyon offers two different entrances, each one with its own characteristics.


A very popular location, these bushes look great in pictures and it gives us a little bit of the fall colors. This location works well in the mornings and also for sunset hours.


This is the same canyon but we use a different entrance. Very easy access and also very popular location. This location works early morning and sunset, but it is best at sunset hours.


A very centrally located park, with easy access and beautiful areas for photos. This park has beautiful lighting during the morning and sunset hours. It has an area with the museum that works great for photos and the beautiful green hills. With older kids, we can often go throughout all the areas, but with young kids we may keep it easy and use one of the areas only. Very popular park among photographers, it can get very busy towards November and beginning of December, but still manageable.


What a beautiful location this is. I can’t believe I only found this one a few months ago. I’ve done many sessions at this location already and I love it how the pictures turned out. It is the perfect location for some bold colors. I haven’t done photos there for fall, so I don’t know how busy it gets, but I guess I will find out this year. We use this location at sunset only.


For fall sessions, I like to divide Balboa Park into two different areas, especially if you have young children. We are so lucky to have so many beautiful places and Balboa Park is one of my favorites. The downside is the Park can get really crowed and busy, for that reason I only shoot there on weekdays. If you choose morning time for photos, we can meet on weekend, otherwise is better to meet on a weekday or to choose another location.

Organ Pavillion – We start the session at Organ Pavillion, stop by the big root tree and usually we finish at the Art Museum. A good walk with lots of variety on the way. This can be done in the morning or sunset hours as well.

Spanish Village – Another beautiful spot at Balboa Park where many residents have never been. We can start at Spanish Village, and walk towards the Cactus Garden. We do a few stops on the way and get all the beauty of the Balboa Park. For this park I recommend sunset hours, that’s when we can take full advantage of all the beautiful colors and textures of this part of the park.

Did you know there are two cactus garden at Balboa Park?


This one bellow is great for morning pictures. It is a small area and we basically have the whole session there. It is perfect for small kids because we don’t have to walk very far and look how great it looks with these bold colors. It works great in the morning but it is also beautiful at sunset.


This is another beautiful location at sunset hours. The bridge leads to a beautiful hike giving the session a good variety. I went there in the beginning of September and the vegetation was tall, with some little flowers, so beautiful at sunset. The bridge also had all these beautiful green leaves, making it a perfect location for family photos. Due to its popularity I only offer sessions there on weekdays. It gets too busy with other photographers and also parking is very limited. If you are having your session on a weekday, you should considerate this beautiful location.


I love San Dieguito Park. This one is located in Solana Beach and it is an easy option for who lives north. There are different areas for this park and if everyone is up for a bit of walking that can cover all the areas in one session, or we can just concentrate on a couple of them. This park is great for morning and sunset hours as well. On November and early December weekends, it can get crowded with families and photographers, but still manageable. Weekdays are the best, when we have the park mostly to ourselves.


This is a woodsy location right in the middle of the city. The warm tones of this location go very well with the fall colors wardrobe. Another great thing about this location is that we can use it in the morning and sunset hours. Morning sessions work great for young kids, usually the time of the day when they are the happiest.


The beach is one of my most requested locations. We have the most beautiful fall sunsets and colors will change depending on the clouds. Beach sessions can be a little tricky and I do love to use WindNSea for my beach sessions. It is a gorgeous beach surrounded by sea rocks that allow me to “hide” everyone around and give us the impression we have the beach to ourselves, which we mostly have during the weekdays, sharing the beach only with a few locals. Parking is fairly easy too, making it a great spot for photos. There two different sides I like to use based on the tide, how many people are at the beach, etc. We will be meeting in the middle and I will decide once we are there. For the perfect beach session the best time is about 45 minutes before sunset. Once we set the day for the session I will let you know the exact time we will be meeting.

If you have an infant or a young toddler, make sure they are comfortable at the beach. Sometimes they don’t like the feel of the sand on their feet and they won’t be happy. Also, many times babies are not comfortable with all the wind, so maybe if you have an infant, the best option would be a park or a trail.
Sometimes the tide is very high giving us very little or no space to shoot. When this happens I usually recommend having the session at

Chrystal Pier in PB. The pier give is a nice point of interest and more room for the kids to run free.

If you have a beach that you usually go, easy parking, beautiful rocks, let me know. I do like one near Torrey Pines but that one involves a 15 minutes hike down the hill. That may not work for some people, but if you don’t mind a little sweat on the way back, you can consider this location.


This is a fun spot for family photos. Lots of colors and textures for this location and often we finish the session with some ice cream! Note that for this location you will have some people in the backgrounds for some images, but it feels right at home with the amusement park vibe. Because this is a very touristic place and it can get really busy, we only go there on weekdays.


This is a new location for me. A mama who lives in Carlsbad suggested and we met there. I love how the pictures turned out and I know this may be an easy location for many of my clients who live in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Carmel Valley, etc.


Having a beautiful Christmas Tree this year? Baking cookies with the kiddos? Maybe photos in your pajamas, some milk and cookies? That is an easy and fun way to get some photos as well. Let me know what you have in mind!

These are the locations for this year sessions. Let me know if you have any questions at all. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again!